Important Dates

Thursday 9th June 2011
Reykjavik, Iceland
DisCoTec'11 federated event


Nowadays, there is a global exponential increase in the use of portable smart devices, such as tablets, smart phones, GPS, etc. These small devices have a huge impact on the everyday life of its users, either for work or leisure. As a consequence to this, the availability and behaviour of the services that can be used with such devices has become a big concern. Moreover, the existing tools still have some limitations to face these concerns properly, given the heterogeneity and the unstable presence of devices and platforms, and the great variability of situations that users might encounter. To overcome these difficulties, and promote the development and widespread deployment of innovative mobile applications, more and more projects are addressing the development of context-aware adaptation mechanisms for leveraging the development of mobile applications. These projects aim at providing simple but powerful integrated approaches to support the development of applications interacting in pervasive and ubiquitous environments. Thus, these projects, as well as other projects, tackle the growing complexity of building large and dynamic distributed systems. With regards to this challenge, the CAMPUS workshop will focus on the promising approaches in the domain of context-aware adaptation mechanisms supporting the dynamic evolution of the execution context (e.g., network/device/service failures).



2011/04/01: The submission deadline has been extended to April 15, 2011.
2011/02/10: The Call for Papers is available.
2010/12/20: The workshop as been accepted as a DisCoTec workshop.

Workshop organized as a joint initiative of the music-logo , Pasted Graphic, and DiVA consortiums.
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